Getting Started as a Seller

There are a few important steps you need to take to get up and running as a seller. It is important that you take the time to complete these steps before taking your item live on the marketplace.

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Store Settings
Important PayPal Information
Adding A Bundle to the Marketplace
Tips for Your Listing
Contact Support

This article assumes that you are already an approved seller. If not, you need to apply first. It may take a few days to hear back.

Fill out your Store Settings

Your Store Settings can be accessed via the admin dashboard (login is required). It’s important that you take some time to fill out some helpful details and descriptions about your store before taking any bundle live on the marketplace. You need to make sure you set up your store name, which can be different from your personal name too. Failure to input your shop name will cause errors when viewing your shop or products.

Your shop avatar needs to be set via your Profile Page too. Please make sure you set up your shop avatar as your profile picture.

PayPal Business Account is Required

PayPal terms of service require all sellers of digital goods to be using a pro or business account when receiving payments. In order to receive your monthly payout from Dealotto you will need to comply with these terms to avoid any problems with your commission payout.

Payouts are Processed in the first week of each month

We will calculate and payout all commissions from one month at the beginning of the next month. For example: All sales made through June will be paid out in the first week of July. Payout rates are subject to fees from PayPal.

Add A Bundle

Dealotto is a bundle only marketplace, meaning your product must contain a collection of at least 3 products in one folder / zip to be considered a bundle. Any items that don’t meet this criteria will be removed by Dealotto staff. You have complete control over the listing that you put together, you can edit the price, photos, text and availability at any time.

Full Guide: How to Add a Product to the Marketplace

For an in-depth explanation of how to Add a Product be sure to read our helpful guide, which includes a video walkthrough and lots of screenshots to help you every step of the way in setting up your first bundle listing.

Your Products Dashboard

You can view, edit, remove and add products via your Admin Area.

Tips for a Successful Product Listing

Product Images

Prepare 1 Large Product Thumbnail and 6 additional product images for your gallery. The more images you have the better, include them in your product gallery. Gallery thumbnails won’t all be visible at once, we limit it to 6 on the page (to ensure the page length is reduced) – but when customers start to browse your gallery they can see all the images that were uploaded. Product images can be any size, although we recommend using a ratio of 3:2, for example 1800 x 1200 would be great.

Product Story / Description

Tell the story of your bundle. In the product description area you have the freedom to write as much or as little as you want, but a well formatted story enriched with images, videos and good formatting will go a long way to helping your product bring in sales. Talk about the inspirations behind your product, the benefits of using it, include some examples or demonstrations and maybe show off some previous customer feedback etc.

Keep It Neat & Tidy

We want you to have the freedom to make your product pages more unique with images, videos, links, lists and titles all available for you to include, but make sure you don’t go over the top with the formatting. Keep titles short and snappy, don’t over-use the headings style. We keep all images in the description at the same full width size, please don’t attempt to add any additional styling or formatting with code. Anyone we suspect of going over the top with images / animations / title usage etc will have their product temporarily removed by staff. Keep it neat!

Help Files / Support Included

Customers like to know that the creators have taken some time to make their products easy to use. If you have included help files, or offer free support with your sales, let customers know. If you don’t have any support / help files, it’s a good idea to go create some now. It’s not a requirement to sell on Dealotto, but it always helps sales.

Still Need Some Help?

Need help adding a bundle to the marketplace? Or just want some advice from a human? Contact us and we can help you compose your listing and fix any issues you may be running into.