How to Add a Bundle

Are you looking for a little help with adding a product to the marketplace? Don’t worry, we can help. Here is a useful guide (complete with video) which should help guide you through the process of selling your Bundle on Dealotto.

Before You Start: You Need to be a Vendor

This article assumes you have already applied and been accepted as a bundle vendor. If you haven’t done this yet, apply to become a bundle seller.

Video: How to Add a Bundle to Dealotto

IMPORTANT: Add Your PayPal Info Now!

Before you do anything it’s important that you head to your shop profile settings via your Admin Dashboard and enter your PayPal address. Failure to do so may result in you not getting paid on time.

Powered by WordPress

As a seller you will have access to the Admin Area of Dealotto, which is powered by WordPress. For anyone familiar with using WordPress to publish posts or products in the past, this should be very familiar to you. For those new to WordPress, don’t worry, the system is pretty simple to use and navigate. First of all, we suggest taking note of the following useful links:

Useful Seller Links: Take note

Admin Dashboard
Seller Dashboard & Sales
My Products
Shop Profile

Walkthrough: How to Add a Product

First of all, Login to your Admin Area. Login here.

Navigate to the ‘Products’ section using the left sidebar

Or, use this link My Products.

Click ‘Add New’ Button

Once you are in the ‘Products’ section, you should see two links to ‘Add New’ products. One in the sidebar, and one at the top of the main page, just below the main page title. Click either of these “Add New’ buttons. This will take you to the ‘Add new product’ page.

Part 1: Composing your Main Content

Overview of your ‘Add new product’ Screen
Part 1 of "Add Product" inputs. Adding the main content.
Part 1 of “Add Product” inputs. Adding the main content.

Fill out your Product Title

The first input field you should see is the ‘Product Name’ field. This is the main name for your bundle that will be used on the marketplace.

The Bundle URL (Permalink)

Once you complete this field, your permalink should appear within a few seconds. (See screenshot for example) – The permalink is automatically generated from your Title, but you can still edit the permalink at any time if you wish. In the event where your title and permalink is already in use, you may need to use an alternative name or link.

You can edit the product link at any time.
You can edit the product link at any time.

Enter Your Description. Tell the Product Story

The large textbox input that you see below the title will be where the main bulk of your product description will go. You can add images, videos, titles & lists etc and more here to format your description in the way that you would like. We have ensured that all images display at full width, so there’s no need to choose alignment options when composing your description.

This is the best place to upload the majority of your product images.

Add images and simple styles to your description
Use these tools at the top of the textbox to control the text formatting & add images.
Use these tools at the top of the textbox to control the text formatting & add images.
Embedding Video?

If you are embedding videos, and it requires a width, make sure you embed at 928px. You can make this product story as long or as short as you wish and include as many images as you think is necessary.

Explain what your products do, and their benefits

The important thing is to explain the benefits of your bundle products as best you can, with examples if possible. Make sure each item from your bundle is explained in good detail to ensure customers understand the full value of your bundle.

Keep your listing tidy & tasteful

Anyone abusing the styling options, categories, tags etc will have their product temporarily removed. Headings should be short and sweet, images should be relevant and good quality, lists should be used sparingly (ideally to list features and contents) – links / bold / italics etc must only be used when absolutely necessary.

Pick A Category

We ask that you only choose one category for each bundle. We appreciate that you may have a mix of items, in which case choose the ‘Mixed Bundle’ otherwise choose the category that best represents your bundle, even if all items in the bundle don’t fall into the same category. You can pick your category using the checkboxes on the right hand side of the screen.

Pick ONE category only.
Pick ONE category only.

Add Multiple Tags

You can use as many tags as needed, as long as they are relevant to your bundle. Anyone abusing this will have their item removed. We recommend using around 9, as all tags are visible and displayed on your listing.

Add multiple tags, separated by a comma.
Add multiple tags, separated by a comma.

Set Main Product Thumbnail

Again in your right sidebar, you should find a section called ‘Product Image.’ This is the main thumbnail for your bundle. This will be used to showcase your item in the marketplace, make it count. The system can handle images of any size, but the ratio should be 3:2 for best results. For example a 1800 x 1200 pixel image would be great. Images are responsive, so there’s no exact ideal dimension, but in most cases anything close to a 3:2 ratio is best.

Use Drag & Drop via the upload modal

Hit the ‘Set Product Image’ link, this will launch a media modal which will allow you to choose from existing uploaded images, or allow you to add some new ones. You can simply drag & drop images here if you want to make it easy. Otherwise, with the modal open, look in the top left for the ‘Upload Files’ tab, then use the ‘Select Files’ button to find the image on your computer.

This images can be changed by you at any time. Even on a live product.

Here’s how these image sections should look once you add some images.
Here’s how these image sections should look once you add some images.

Add Up to 12 Product Gallery Images

Just below the main product thumbnail (in the right sidebar) you will find the ‘Product Gallery’ section. You can add the 12 best images related to your product. We limit this section to just 12 images, which will show in a grid right at the top of your product page. You can re-use these images in your main product description too.

(While we limit these images to just 12, you can upload as many as you want in the product description area.)

Product Short Description

This area can be found below the main description. The ‘Product Short Description’ will be the first paragraph viewable at the top of your listing, and must explain your product in the shortest way possible. One or two paragraphs is acceptable, anything too long may be removed by Dealotto staff. Keep it short, snappy and useful. Stick to plain text here, no formatting / images etc are permitted here.

Part 2: Add Important Product Data

Overview of your ‘Product Data’ section
The 'Product Data' section is required and allows you to set your price, product type & features. Click the image to zoom in.
The ‘Product Data’ section is required and allows you to set your price, product type & features. Click the image to zoom in.

If you have any trouble with this section, we recommend viewing the video walkthrough at the top of this page.

Select ‘Downloadable’ and Add Download Link(s)

In the ‘product data’ section you will see ‘Downloadable’ as a checkbox, you must select this in order to be able to attach your product download link. Once you check this box, you must then click the “Add File” button, this allows you to enter the URL for customers to download your Bundle.

Multiple Parts Required?

IF you have the bundle in multiple parts, you can click “Add File” again, to bring up as many download links as needed. Just make sure you give each section a name, and paste the correct download link.

Multiple Parts can be added if needed
Multiple Parts can be added if needed
Where should my file be hosted?

If you already have your product uploaded to a server where you can grab a direct download link to your file, you are welcome to use this link when adding a download to your bundle product. This way you can update your bundle via your own server and Dealotto customers will have access to the updates too.

Uploading Product Files to Dealotto Servers

If you wish to host a separate version of your product on the Dealotto servers, you can do this too. You need to login to your seller account, and head to your Seller Dashboard for the upload instructions and passwords. These details may be updated from time to time, so it’s important to always check back to your dashboard for instructions.

Once you upload the file to our server, you need to take note of the file URL as you will only be shown this once. This is the URL you need to paste into the ‘downloadable files’ section of your product edit page.

Input your Price $

Set the price for your bundle next to the ‘Regular Price’ input. Prices are all set in dollars, and must be whole dollar amounts.

Download Limit & Expiry

Unless you have a specific need to limit the number of sales, or automatically make an item unavailable at a specific time you can ignore this and leave these areas empty. This will keep you in manual control of when your bundle listing goes live and is available for purchase.

Part 3: Set Important Product Data ‘Attributes’

Overview of your Product Attributes Section
Adding attributes is vital to your product being found in the marketplace
Adding attributes is vital to your product being found in the marketplace
Ensure you correctly fill out all attributes

Product Attributes will be visible to customers in the sidebar of your product listing. The data you put here needs to be accurate, make sure you fill out each section with the features, file size, file format, software requirements etc that accurately describe your bundle. Anyone found abusing these attributes, or ignoring them, will have their item removed.

These attributes will help make searching for your item much easier too.

Expand All Attributes and SAVE

You can click on each attribute section to expand it, and being making your selections. Or you can hit the Expand link (as shown in the screenshot just above) which will expand all sections for you at once. Most importantly, once you’ve input your data you must hit ‘Save Attributes’ before moving on.


At this point you are done. We recommend saving as a draft for now. You can change the item from a draft to a live product at any time by hitting Publish. Take this moment to check that you have supplied your PayPal info to us, and set your shop description.


IMPORTANT: Add Your PayPal Info Now!

Before you do PUBLISH your bundle it’s important that you head to your shop profile settings via your Admin Dashboard and enter your PayPal address. Failure to do provide this information will delay your payouts.

Check Your Listing. Preview It First

Once you’ve saved your item, we recommend you preview the listing and check the quality of the images and text formatting before going live. If everything looks okay, hit that ‘Publish’ button!

Optional: SEO Settings

We have a SEO plugin active on Dealotto to improve discoverability. By default shared products should look pretty good anyway, but if you wish to further improve the SEO on your product, you will find a section at the bottom of your post which includes some handy score indicators – this allows you to set a custom title, image and description for search engines and social shares to better control how it displays to potential new customers.

You do not NEED to edit the SEO settings, this is simply an optional extra. Feel free to leave these settings blank for default settings.

Still Need Some Help?

Need help adding a bundle to the marketplace? Or just want some advice from a human? Contact us and we can help you compose your listing and fix any issues you may be running into. Check out the video walkthrough too.