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Becoming a Bundle Vendor on Dealotto

If you are looking to open a store on Dealotto you can do so here. Dealotto staff manually review and approve every bundle seller, so we just need a few details from you before you can open your store and being making sales.

Why Sell on Dealotto?

Keep 85% of all Sales
Dealotto is proud to pass on a whopping 85% of sales to it’s creators. We want to encourage you to offer the best value possible with your bundles and this is our way of helping.

‘Bundle Only’ Marketplace
Unlike other marketplaces, we focus entirely on Bundles. We do not accept individual products on Dealotto, there are lots of other great marketplaces to sell those. Instead we ensure every product on Dealotto contains 3 or more items. We want to offer sellers a unique way to sell their goods, while giving customers the best value possible on creative assets.

Sell ‘Subscription’ Bundles
When pricing your bundle, you might wish to sell your bundles for a monthly fee, instead of a fixed price. This is great for creators who offer a ‘entire store’ bundle, or something similar. Your customers can access future updates from you for a recurring fee.

Submit Your Application

We usually take 48 hours or less to review your application, if you have not heard back within 48, please contact us via our support form. If you don’t already have an account, completing this form will create an account for you at the same time, so make sure you use correct details.

Seller Application Form

Guide to Selling on Deallto

While you wait to hear our decision on your application, why not take a moment to become familiar with the the system we have for vendors. Read our quick guide ‘Getting Started as a Seller



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